Which List
Are You On?

Check your Klaus score.

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Current Status

Score Breakdown

  • You go easy on the selfies
  • You're not a potty mouth
  • You give thanks
  • You hashtag good causes
  • You go easy on the hashtags
  • You get lots of likes
  • You retweet appropriately
  • You've been positive
  • You haven't been negative
  • You spread holiday cheer

Score Activity

What is Klaus?

Who’s naughty? Who’s nice? With the development of Klaus, Santa now has the ability to add your social media activity to his complex algorithm for determining who’s naughty and who’s nice. Watch the video to learn how you can check your Klaus score right now.

How Does Klaus Work?

Are you a spreader of negativity or positivity on social media? Well, that’s exactly what your Klaus score tells Santa. Here’s how it works.

graphic: you - Your social networks - what you spread graphic-continued: how you interact - you klaus score

Notable Klaus Scores

A high Klaus score means your social activity skews nice. Get a low Klaus score and your social activity may land you on the naughty list. See where some of these notable holiday figures are netting out on Klaus this year.

Tips for improving your klaus score

It’s never too late to save yourself from the naughty list. Here are some simple things you can do to raise your Klaus score.

1. Take your Klaus score feedback to heart.

If your feedback indicates you love dropping F-bombs when you tweet, make sure to clean up your tweets moving forward. If your feedback indicates you’re negative in your posts, make a conscious effort to be more positive with your content. It can take time to see results. But stick to it, and you’ll see your Klaus score go up.

2. Boost your Klaus score right now.

Want to kick your Klaus score up a notch or two? It’s easy. Just spread a little holiday cheer by clicking on the buttons below. And for another instant boost, start tagging your posts and tweets with #KlausScore.